The route - South of the river in Kent

Closed 20 Dec 2018

Opened 10 Oct 2018


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M2/A2 junction

The A2 will remain as four lanes in both directions with hard shoulders throughout. The M2 will be widened from three lanes to four in both directions through junction 1.

Two one-way link roads will be provided north and south of the A2, connecting to the existing A289 and the old A2 at the eastern end. Neither of these link roads will connect to the A2 at M2 junction 1, with these connections being made at the site of the new LTC junction instead.

The A2 will be kept at its existing height and the link roads will be at approximately the same height.

We will need to rebuild a section of the M2/A2 immediately to the west of the new junction and for approximately 2 miles (3.5km) to the east, including junction 1 of the M2.

The route will pass under Thong Lane and approach a new junction with the A2, situated at the eastern edge of Gravesend. The road will be in a cutting approaching the tunnel.

The following maps show the proposals for the section south of the river in Kent.

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M2/A2 junction connections

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Leaving the LTC to join the M2/A2 eastbound. Slip road leaving the LTC southbound divides to connect to both the M2/A2 and the eastbound parallel link road (which leads to local roads). The road passes under the LTC in a cutting before being elevated on an embankment and passing over the A2 eastbound parallel link road
Leaving the LTC to join the A2 westbound. Also connects to the Gravesend east junction, where the existing slip road will no longer connect to the A2. The road will pass over the LTC, the M2/A2 westbound to the LTC northbound and the A2 main road
Joining the LTC from the A2 eastbound and slip road from the Gravesend east junction. The connection will be elevated on an embankment and will pass over the M2/A2 westbound to the LTC northbound twice to merge on the left
Joining the LTC from the M2/A2 westbound. Traffic from the westbound parallel link road will also join here. The road will be in a cutting, passing below the A2 main road and two LTC slip roads
A2 eastbound to eastbound parallel link road
Eastbound parallel link road to M2 eastbound (at M2 junction 1)

M2/A2 junction images

Existing M2/A2 and Proposed M2/A2

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Existing Thong Lane and Proposed Thong Lane

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Exisitng A2 and Proposed M2/A2/LTC

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