M62 junction 10 to 12 Smart Motorway

Closed 25 Apr 2018

Opened 27 Mar 2018

Results updated 2 Jul 2018

In total, 4 responses to the consultation were received via the Citizen Space survey; 2 from members of the public, 2 from representative organisations. One further response was received by e-mail.

A range of comments were made, most of which were not directly related to the topic of the consultation ie the proposed implementation of variable mandatory speed limits (VMSL). Respondents either considered that the proposal to introduce VMSL on the M62 between junctions 10 to 12 will lead to an improvement in travelling conditions on this section of motorway (3 responses) or did not state a view (2 responses).

There were a number of supportive responses including support for the scheme as it will reduce congestion. No respondents opposed the proposal.

We addressed each respondent’s queries individually, irrespective of whether issues raised were specific to variable mandatory speed limits (VMSL) or more scheme-wide related issues.  A copy of the consultation report, including its summary and recommendations, can be found below. 



The M62 motorway plays a major role as a cross country artery providing a motorway route between the North West, Yorkshire and Humberside. It connects with the M6 at junction 10, and with the M60 and M602 at junction 12.

This route currently faces congestion during peak travel hours caused by the volume of traffic using the network. The Scheme is part of Highways England’s programme to add capacity to the existing strategic road network in order to support economic growth and maintain mobility.

It is expected that the smart motorways scheme will:

• increase motorway capacity and reduce congestion
• smooth traffic flows
• provide more reliable journey times
• increase and improve the quality of information for the driver (in relation to the operation of the motorway)

The use of variable mandatory speed limits is essential to achieving the objectives above. Through the introduction of technology, we aim to make best use of the existing road space.

Comments on the introduction of variable mandatory speed limits

We would like to encourage any organisations, businesses or individuals affected by these proposals to make contact with us and communicate their views. If you are responding on behalf of an organisation, it would be helpful if you could note this in your reply. Please also indicate the nature of the organisation; how many individuals’ views are included in the response and ways in which these views were gathered.

Sending your consultation response

You can respond to the consultation by completing our online survey below.

Alternatively, you can complete the consultation response form located in Appendix B in the consultation brochure and return it to us by email or by post to the following address. Please include ‘M62 junctions 10 to 12 smart motorway consultation on Statutory Instrument’ in the title of the email and mark it for the attention of Mike Steed.

Please ensure that your response reaches us by 25 April 2018.

Email: M62J10-12SmartMotorway@highwaysengland.co.uk
Post: Mike Steed
Project Manager
Highways England
5 St. Phillips Place
B3 2PW


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