M3 junction 9 improvements

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Closes 19 Feb 2018


Please complete your contact details below, so we can keep you informed of the scheme's progress. If you prefer not to disclose this information, it will be helpful if you can provide your postcode only to inform our analysis of responses.

1. What is your postcode?

2. What is your name?

3. What is your property name/number?

4. What is your telephone number?

5. What is your email address?

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6. What is your organisation?

7. Please indicate on which basis you are commenting. (Please choose the option that applies most)

8. How often do you currently use the M3 junction 9? (Please choose one option only)

9. What times of day do you usually use the M3 junction 9, if at all? (Please choose all that apply)

10. Which methods do you use to travel through this junction? (Please choose all that apply)

11. Which one do you use most often? (Please choose one option only)

12. What type of journeys do you use the M3 junction 9 for most often? (Please choose one option only)

13. How concerned are you about the following issues currently relating to the M3 junction 9?

Traffic congestion
Reliability of journey times
Road safety
The effects of the M3 junction 9 traffic on the environment
Displacement of traffic onto local roads to avoid the M3 junction 9

14. How strongly do you agree or disagree that improvements to M3 junction 9 are needed?

15. After looking at information and drawings describing our proposal (Option 14) please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree that our proposal will meet the following objectives? (consultation brochure page 7)

Reduce congestion along M3 and A34 approaching the junction by providing direct access from one to the other
Provide a safer junction as there will be less queuing traffic
Better facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians with a new cycle/pathway link
Improve access to/from Winchester (for example by reducing congestion on the A272 and/or Easton Lane)

16. Do you have any concerns about our proposal (Option 14), with respect to the following? (consultation brochure pages 7, 10-12)

Capacity to accommodate future growth in traffic
Impact on congestion / journey time once built
Impact on road safety once built
Disruption during construction
Impact on noise, air or light pollution
Impact on residential properties / land
Connections to other parts of the region
Land take from South Downs National Park
Impact on wildlife (plants/animals)
Impact on nearby heritage sites

17. Overall to what extent do you support or oppose the proposal (Option 14)?

18. Having looked at the rejected options, please indicate the extent to which you understand why these have not been taken forward? (consultation brochure page 5)

Option 11
Option 16
Option 18

19. Do you have any further comments or observations that you think we should consider?

20. How did you find out about the M3 junction 9 improvements public consultation? (Please choose all that apply)

21. Have you found the brochure useful in helping your understanding of the proposal?

22. If you have visited an exhibition, how useful did you find it in addressing your questions?

23. Which of the following applies to you?