A47/A11 Thickthorn Junction Improvement Scheme

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Closes 11 Jul 2019

A47/A11 Thickthorn Junction Improvement Scheme - Consultation Response Form

Please share your views on the proposed scheme by completing this response form.

Your feedback is essential as it will enable us to continue to improve the scheme before we start the planning process.

We recommend that you read the consultation brochure and the other supporting consultation documents to help you complete this response form.


General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) became law. The law requires Highways England to explain to you – consultees, stakeholders and customers – how your personal data will be used and stored.

Highways England adheres to the government’s consultation principles, the Planning Act 2008 and the Highways Act 1980 as required and may collect personal data to help shape development of highways schemes.

Personal data collected by the project team will be processed and retained by Highways England and its appointed contractors until the scheme is complete.

Under the GDPR regulations you have the following rights:

  • right of access to the data (Subject Access Request)
  • right for the rectification of errors
  • right to erasure of personal data – this is not an absolute right under the legislation
  • right to restrict procession or to object to processing
  • right to data portability

If, at any point, Highways England plans to process the personal data we hold for a purpose other than for which it was originally collected, we will tell you what that other purpose is.

We will do this prior to any further processing taking place and we will include any relevant additional information, including your right to object to that further processing. You have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, the Information Commissioners Office.

If you’d like more information about how we manage data, or a copy of our privacy notice, please contact: DataProtectionAdvice@highwaysengland.co.uk

Please provide us with your name and address. If you’d prefer for your comments to be anonymous, please provide us with your postcode so we know where you live in relation to the scheme.

1. Are you responding on behalf of an organisation? (If 'Yes' please provide organisation name and role below)

2. Which of the following best describes you? (Please tick all that apply)

3. Have you received correspondence informing you that you are an affected landowner?

4. How often do you use this junction? (Please tick one option)

5. What times of day do you typically travel through this junction? (Please tick all that apply)

6. As outlined on page 6 of the consultation brochure, the existing footbridge over the A47 will be removed to allow construction of the proposed link roads. A new footbridge will be constructed and will improve accessibility from Cantley Lane South to Cantley Lane for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. Please provide any comments/suggestions you have regarding the proposed footbridge:

7a. The proposed noise mitigation solutions at Cantley Lane South are outlined on page 9 of the consultation brochure and could include earth banking, timber fencing and/or landscape design. What type of noise mitigation solutions would you prefer to see at Cantley Lane South? (please select one option)

7b. Please provide your reason and any further comments you may have regarding the proposed noise mitigation solution(s):

8a. The proposed mitigation solution(s) to reduce the impact on protected species (barn owls, kingfishers, bats, otters and water voles) and their habitats are outlined on page 9 of the consultation brochure. To what extent do you agree or disagree with these proposed mitigation measures? (Please select one option)

8b. Please provide your reason and any further comments you may have regarding the proposed mitigation solution(s):

9. The construction duration and impacts on page 10 of the consultation brochure are based on current construction practice. We are exploring opportunities to minimise the construction duration and the impacts on road users, whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety during construction and would like to gauge public opinion to inform our design approach. During construction of the three underpasses, would you prefer: (Please select one option)

10. A Preliminary Environmental Information Report has been produced as part of the consultation: a Non-Technical Summary version is also available. These documents outline the potential impact of the scheme and our proposed mitigation solutions. Both of these documents can be viewed on the scheme webpage, at public exhibitions and at public information points. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the proposed environmental mitigation that is outlined in the Preliminary Environmental Information Report? (Please select one option)

11. Please provide your reason and any further comments you may have regarding the Preliminary Environmental Information Report:

12. Please provide any other comments you may have in relation to this scheme:

13. How did you hear about this consultation? (Please tick all that apply)

14. Did you attend a consultation exhibition?

If 'Yes' please tick where, below:

15. Please provide us with any comments you may have on the consultation process or how we can further engage with you in the future: