A417 Missing Link

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Closes 29 Mar 2018

About you

Highways England is seeking your views on options to upgrade the A417 Missing Link between the Brockworth bypass and Cowley roundabout. This form is to help you give us feedback on our proposals during our public consultation, which is running from 15 February to 29 March 2018.

We have prepared a public consultation brochure which sets our proposals for the A417 Missing Link. We recommend that you read the consultation brochure and supporting documents, or visit one of the consultation events, before completing this feedback form.

What we are consulting on

During this stage of consultation, we would particularly like to hear your views on the following topics to help us as the project goes forward:

  • our proposed route options to upgrade the A417 Missing Link
  • any information relating to the local area, specific issues you would like to see us address or any concerns you have about the potential impact of our proposals


Personal information that is supplied to Highways England in response to this consultation will be treated confidentially and handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The information may be disclosed or shared with Highways England’s contractors or advisors who are working on the project and the Planning Inspectorate.

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7. What is your interest in the A417 Missing Link road improvement scheme? (Please choose all that apply)