A27 Arundel Bypass

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Closes 16 Oct 2017


1. Please complete your contact details below. If you would prefer not to give these details, please provide your postcode only, as this will be helpful during our analysis of responses.

2. How concerned are you about the following issues on the A27 at Arundel? (Please select one option in each row.)

Journey times or journey reliability
Congestion or delays at junctions
Road safety
Accommodating extra traffic from future housing and economic development without further congestion on the A27
The effects of the A27 traffic on the environment
Ease of turning on to or off the A27 from local roads
Difficulty crossing the A27 on foot or cycle
The displacement of traffic onto local roads to avoid the A27
Connections along the coast and to other parts of the country

3. What would you say is the single biggest problem currently affecting the A27 at Arundel?

4. What specific local issues do you feel we should be aware of, in developing our options for the A27 at Arundel? (Please provide detail and examples to illustrate your answers).

5. What type of journeys do you use the A27 at Arundel for most often?

6. How often do you currently use the A27 at Arundel?

Weekdays in the morning peak (0800-0900)
Weekdays in the evening peak (1700-1800)
Weekdays off-peak (all other times)
Weekend (anytime)
Holiday periods only

7. Do you agree or disagree that there is an overall need for a scheme to upgrade the A27 at Arundel to a dual carriageway?

8. Do you believe the proposed options will meet the scheme objectives? Please refer to the information and drawings describing the 3 options. Please select which options you believe have the potential to help achieve an objective. (Please tick all that apply).

Improve capacity of the A27 whilst supporting local planning authorities to manage the impact of planned growth
Reduce congestion and travel times and improve journey time reliability along the A27
Improve the safety of travellers along the A27 and across the wider local road network
Improve accessibility for all users to local services and facilities
Deliver a scheme that minimises environmental impact and seeks to protect and enhance the quality of the surrounding environment through its high quality design
Respect the South Downs National Park and its special qualities

9. Please tell us which option(s) you support for improving the A27 at Arundel.

Please explain your reasons for your answer(s) below:

10. Thinking about your response to Question 9 only, please say if you have any outstanding concerns that are not sufficiently addressed in your preferred option for the A27 at Arundel.

Capacity to accommodate future growth
Impact on congestion/journey time
Impact on routes used by people walking, cycling and horse riding and division/severance caused by the A27
Impact on noise, air or light pollution
Impact on landscape and scenery including Arundel, the South Downs National Park, Arun flood plain and Ancient Woodland
Impact on historic properties including Arundel Castle and Tortington Priory
Impact on residential properties
Impact on local businesses
Impact on road safety
Traffic avoiding congestion by rat-running
Connections to other parts of the region
Impact on likelihood of coastal and river flooding
Impact on biodiversity/ecology
Disruption during construction

Other concerns (please explain):

11. Do you have any other comments on the options?

12. Having read the brochure, and taking into account the constraints and past study conclusions, please share your views on any alternative improvements we should consider that would meet the scheme objectives.

13. How do you think we can improve provision for people who wish to walk, cycle and horse ride as part of the scheme?

14. Do you have any other comments on the proposed scheme?