A27 Arundel 2019 Further Consultation Corrections

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Closes 1 Mar 2020

A27 Arundel Bypass – Further Response Period

This questionnaire refers to the options consultation on proposals to improve the A27 at Arundel that took place between 30 August and 24 October 2019.

As part of our work to collate and review the responses to that consultation, some issues were identified around the way certain pieces of information were presented. As a result, we reviewed of all the documents we published around the consultation, and unfortunately found some errors. 

The six proposed scheme options remain the same as they were, as does all the baseline data provided around the consultation. Some technical corrections to the materials have been made though.  These corrections relate to the following documents: 

  • The Public Consultation Brochure
  • The Environmental Assessment Report (EAR)
  • The South Downs National Park Special Qualities Assessment (Appendix 1-1 of the EAR)
  • The Interim Scheme Assessment Report (SAR) including SAR Appendix F - Appraisal Summary Tables (ASTs)
  • The Worthing and Lancing Sensitivity Technical Note
  • The Combined Modelling and Appraisal (ComMA) Report
  • Local Roads Study 

A summary of the corrections can be found on our website, A27Arundel Bypass, or viewed at local deposit points in Arundel.  

Fundamentally, the overall conclusions of the assessments of the various options presented in the consultation materials have not changed, but we are inviting everyone who took part in the Further Options Consultation to consider such corrections.

If your opinion of the scheme options has changed as a result of reading the corrections we’ve published, please complete this questionnaire. 

If your opinion hasn’t changed, you do not need to do anything. Your previous consultation response will still be considered.